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Programmable Automation Controller

Improve your processes with powerful, event controlled automation solutions.

To meet the growing and ever changing requirements of industrial automation needs, we have developed a multi-functional programmable automation controller (PAC) equipped with an open and flexible software architecture.

The gesco PAC is based on rugged, scalable and extreme powerful CompactPCI or IPC hardware. All systems are equipped with real-time operating systems like Linux or Windows RT. Tailored applications are developed with powerful high level languages (C++) or with CoDeSys - a programming environment for programmable logic controllers. In many cases, a mixture of both is applied. By using high level languages, modular applications with event controlled functions and unique scope of services arise.

To improve performance, several systems can be combined to a cluster. Functions may be distributed arbitrarily, since all inputs are available to each cluster member.

If high availability is necessary, all systems above the field bus can be installed redundantly.

Our systems are based on standard hardware components which are produced worldwide from many different manufacturers. This gives our customers flexibility and independence.

No annual license fees are required for the development and the use of our automation systems .

Programmable automation controller

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