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Energy Information System

If you want to reduce energy costs, you need to know where they are produced.

With the gesco energy information system, you can capture, evaluate and manage all the energy data. Our automation solutions are based on robust, modular and standardized CompactPCI or IPC platforms like offered worldwide by many different manufacturers. The necessary functionality are modular structured and summarized in applications. Several real-time and/or non-real-time applications may run in parallel.

To improve performance, several systems can be combined to a cluster. Functions may be distributed arbitrarily, since all inputs are available to each cluster member.

If high availability is necessary, all systems above the field bus will be installed redundantly.

Special dialogues and reports are available for control and monitoring purposes. External systems may retrieve information by using OPC.

Opportunities to reduce energy costs:

  • Automated meter reading
  • Manual collection of individual consumers
  • Processing of information and conditions
  • Correlation analysis of output and consumption data
  • Graphical and tabular analysis of consumption data
  • Prediction of energy quantities
  • Alert via SMS or e-mail
  • Standardized interfaces

We have cost-effective solutions for you.

We have solutions which discover your potential savings.

That this will also make a real contribution to the environment, should not go unmentioned. The cost for an efficient energy management pays for itself by the savings in a short time.

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