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Furnace Control System for Slabs, Blooms and Billets

Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission, consistent product quality and increase of productivity.



For each piece in the furnace a three-dimensional heating profile is calculated continuously, depending on its geometry and analysis. On the basis of this information the FCS generates reference values for the furnace temperature (for each zone), discharge temperatures and the furnace pacing.

Planned and unplanned downtimes are taken into consideration as well as heating strategies. The result is an optimally heated product with the best possible utilization of the reheating furnace. In addition, the production rate is increased and the energy consumption and CO2 emission minimized.

An Human Machine Interface with user-friendly dialogs is available for supervision, control and tuning of the reheating furnace. Amongst others this provides information about the location of the products in the reheating furnace, calculated core and surface temperatures, plant malfunctions and energy consumption.

The installation of our Furnace Control System gives the following benefits to you:

  • Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission
  • Optimal heated products
  • Constant product quality
  • Reductions of scaling and decarburization
  • Optimized production rate
  • Relieve of the operating staff
Furnace Model-based calculation of temperatures (core, surface) and gas/oxygene consumption of the furnace furnace Model-based calculation of slab-temperatures




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