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IT Solutions

gesco is specialized in design and implementation of technical IT solutions as they are used in industry and medium-sized businesses. With our customized and cost-efficient solution we help customers world-wide to achieve their targets concerning quality and efficiency.

The demands of modern IT solutions are varied and subject to constant change. To meet these requirements, our IT solutions fulfill the following properties:

  • Simple operation and maintainability
  • Totally event controlled behavior
  • Transparent data management
  • High reliability and fail safe behavior
  • High runtime performance
  • Object oriented design/programming
  • Forward-looking technologies
  • Platform independent software

Based on the gesco Framework we develop customized, modular structured and easy extendable technical application software.

The gesco Framework is a collection of useful application processes such as standard modules, drivers, utilities, classes, and an integrated development environment. It is fully object-oriented C++ developed and available on Windows and Linux operating systems.

The application-specific features are individually developed and programmed. This approach leads to an individual solution with specially configured functions. The application software is modular structured and fully event controlled. Data are stored in one or several central SQL databases.

The gesco Framework gives us and our customers the ability to create and test application software fast and reliable. Changes and/or extensions are easily possible at any time and by everybody.

With a gesco framework license agreement customers are entitled to get a new release at least once a year and support. Hereby systems are kept up-to-date, costs are reduced and the availability increased.

Optimization potential

gesco IT solutions increase the transparency of the business, optimize resources and help you to save up to 20% on process costs. They ensure a continuous horizontal and vertical data flow and provide decision makers with reliable information in real-time. Our IT solutions are indispensable for a cost optimized production with reliable quality.

IT Solutions



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